Getting Started

What does this application do?
This tool helps Rotary clubs connect with project partners and find support for their service projects.  Rotary clubs can post service projects to help raise awareness and find project contributors by soliciting for funds, volunteers, resources and partnerships from Rotarians and non-Rotarians alike.  Site visitors can browse projects in need of assistance; contribute time, money or resources or partner through the tool.

What is Rotary?
Rotary unites leaders from continents, cultures and occupations to exchange ideas and take action to meet the needs of communities around the world. Rotary’s more than 34,000 clubs undertake service initiatives to overcome challenges facing their local communities and partner with clubs from around the world to help improve international communities. Visit www.rotary.org to learn more about Rotary and find additional ways to get involved.

Your Account

Who can browse and contribute to projects? Do I need to create an account?
Anyone can browse and contribute to projects. Visitors must sign in to contribute to a project or contact a project creator. Sign in or create a Rotary.org account or use an existing Google or Facebook account. If using an existing Google or Facebook account, please remember that you are required to also be in compliance with the terms and conditions of those Web sites.

Who can create a project? Do I need to create an account?
At this time current Rotary club presidents, secretaries, treasurers, membership chairs, foundation chairs and executive secretaries/directors and Rotaract club presidents can add a new project listing on behalf of their club.  You must be signed in with your Rotary.org account to create a project.

How do I create an account? What information is required?
Creating an account is quick and easy.  Simply select “My Rotary” on the sign in screen and fill out the required information.  If you are a Rotarian or Rotaractor, your membership and role information will be automatically linked with your My Rotary account. You can also sign in using your Google or Facebook account but your Rotary membership and role information will not be linked. 

Is the login process secure?
The login process is encrypted. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the information associated with your account, including your password.

Can I change my display name?
Your display name is the same as your name on Rotary.org, Google or Facebook, depending on which account you are using to sign in.  If you would like to change your display name, please do so in the account you are using to access this tool.  Please allow time for name changes to take effect.

Create a Project

Project Creators

What are the requirements for posting projects?
This tool can only be used for Rotary projects. All listed projects must be sponsored by a club in good standing. Service projects must represent your club and its goals.  Funds received through the tool must be deposited in a club or club project bank account.

You must own the rights to any photos you share on your project page and must have permission from the subjects of the photos in order to post the photos on your project page.

Your service project must be in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations of the country your club is located in and the country(ies) of the service project.

What information will I need when creating a project?
The following fields are required when creating a new project listing:

To help more contributors find your project listing we recommend that you also include the following:

Is it possible to create a listing for an ongoing project?
All projects on Rotary Ideas have a timeframe of 120 days after which they will expire. You can re-post a project after it expires. We recommend that multi-year projects be broken down and listed as smaller projects.  For example, if you are working to build a school in Oaxaca that will take 5 years to complete, list goals/milestones for every 4 months as separate projects.  You can list a project to raise funds for books, a project to purchase desks, etc. separately. Smaller, short-term projects tend to have higher rates of success.

Can I edit/cancel my project once it has been published?
Yes, project creators can edit and/or cancel projects once they have been published.  To edit/cancel a project:

To cancel the project:

Does Rotary staff review a project before it’s posted
Although projects are not reviewed by staff before they are published, all listed projects are sponsored by clubs in good standing.  However, if you feel that a listing contains inaccurate or inappropriate information you can report it. Rotary staff will investigate all reports and follow up as necessary.   

Read all of the project details before donating. The Internet is a good tool to find out more information about the project and the sponsoring club(s). Reach out to the sponsoring club or project creator for more information regarding the project, their experience and how your contribution will be utilized. 

Support a Project


How can I support projects?
There are several ways you can support a project:

How can I promote a project I’m supporting?
Help promote a project by sharing project details on your own website, Twitter, Facebook or by emailing a link to your friends and asking them to help the project meet its goals. Use the “share” button available on each project listing or click the “Share Project Listing” to share the project on a different website, blog page, electronic newsletter, and more!

Who do I contact with questions about the project or my contribution?
All questions regarding the status and details of a contribution should be directed to the sponsoring club or project creator. Click the “Contact” button located on the project page with additional questions about the project or your contribution. For more information about contributions through PayPal contact PayPal directly.

Will the general public be able to see details about my contribution? Can I donate anonymously?
Only your name (or your club’s name if you are making a contribution on behalf of your club) will be listed under project contributors. If you would like to keep your contribution private, select the check box next to “Don’t display my contribution publicly.” If you select this option, only the project contact will receive information about your contribution.

Can I change or cancel my contribution?
You can cancel your contribution submitted through PayPal, if the project is still active by accessing “Contributions- Active” from the “My Profile” tab. Monetary contributions donated through PayPal can be canceled through your PayPal account. If you need more information regarding canceling a contribution, please contact the project creator. Rotary does not process any contributions except for those made directly to The Rotary Foundation.

If you would like to change a contribution, first cancel the submitted contribution and then make the contribution once more with the appropriate changes.

Manage a Project

Project Creator

How can I promote my project?
There are many ways that you can promote your project:

Looking for more creative ways to promote your project?  Join or start a group to discuss best practices for promoting club projects with fellow Rotarians and Rotaractors!

What will happen to contributions if a project is cancelled?
If your club must cancel a project that has already received contributions, your club  is required to  contact the contributors and handle any returns or refunds. 

Funds – Funds contributed via PayPal will be refunded through PayPal. We recommend contacting your club’s bank regarding refunding any wire transfers.  Any checks or cash received should be refunded in the same method that it was received.

Resources – We recommend contacting the contributors of any resources directly to discuss the best method for returning their contribution.

Volunteers – Please be considerate of volunteers’ time and contact them immediately to notify them that your club will no longer need their assistance.

Partners – Please make sure any partner clubs or organizations are notified immediately that the project has been cancelled.

How can I keep contributors updated on the progress of my project?
We encourage you to keep contributors informed of your progress.  You will have access to contributor’s contact information and can utilize that information to send them periodic updates on the project.  

To access a list of emails for all your contributors click “Project Details.” You can email your project funding or time contributors by selecting “Email All,” “Copy List of Emails,” or “Export.”

Keep in mind that updating your contributors on the progress of your club’s project will make them feel more involved, reassure them in their decision to help, and will increase the likelihood of their involvement in a future project!

Who is held responsible for completing projects?
All project goals and associated goals are the responsibility of the sponsoring club(s) and the project creator(s).

Payment Information


What service is used to process my online payment?
The only online payment service is PayPal. PayPal requires you to abide by its terms of use in order to use its services.

Are there any other ways to contribute besides PayPal? Do I have to pay online?
The only online payment service is PayPal.  Currently, no other online providers can process payments for contributions. You can make contributions by sending a check or making alternative arrangements with the project creator.

What currencies are accepted?
Online contributions can only be accepted in currencies accepted by PayPal:

When will funds be charged to my credit card?
If you make your contribution via PayPal, your card will be charged immediately.

Project Creators

When will my project receive contributed funds?
Since Rotary doesn’t process any payments, the availability of your funds will be determined based on the payment method(s) you use. If you are using PayPal to receive contributed funds, you are bound by PayPal’s terms of use.

How do we receive funds if PayPal doesn’t currently service my country?
You can receive funds by check, wire transfer, or any other method available in your country. 

How can I issue a refund for a contribution?
Issuing a refund will be determined by the method you used to receive the funds. If you received it via PayPal, you can issue a refund from your PayPal account. Contributions received by check can also be refunded by check. Please contact your bank to refund wire transfers.

How do I log contributions we receive off-line?
To log fund contributions you receive off-line:

Additional Questions

Can I receive updates on the progress of a project?
If you would like updates on the progress of a project you can periodically visit the project page to monitor project progress.  You can also email the project creator with any questions.

How do I report offensive or inaccurate content?
If you believe a project contains inappropriate or inaccurate content please click the area on the project details page that reads “Does this project contain content you feel should be reported? Let us know!” Please be specific and provide details regarding the inappropriate or inaccurate content.    RI staff takes all reports of inappropriate or inaccurate content seriously. RI staff will investigate all reports of abuse and follow up as necessary.

How can I contact RI staff?
You can contact RI staff by emailing us at social@rotary.org

Will I get recognition points for contributions?
Contributions made through this tool go directly to clubs and will not be processed by The Rotary Foundation.   

How can I add a video to my project page?
If you’d like to share a video about your project you simply include a link to the video in the project description.  You must own the rights to any videos you share on your project page.

Which internet browsers can I use?
Rotary’s website is optimized for Internet Explorer 9 and 10, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari 5 or higher.